Parent Resources

Parents who learn the same tools their son is learning can best support their child in the training and progress. The “More info” button below will take you to audio and video trainings for parents. Listen and watch at your convenience.

You can also review classes and support groups, study downloadable resources for parents and youth, and download the Like Dragons Did They Fight ebook. 

Mothers Who Know is the parent support section of Life Changing Services. These services are included as part of your son or daughter’s program. We are here to give support and offer tools and training as you support a child struggling with sexual self-mastery or other challenging behaviors. 

You are in the company of men and women who understand what you are going through with your son or daughter. 

When parents watch their child battle pornography or other difficult behaviors, there is a roller-coaster of emotions including shame, guilt, fear, embarrassment and anxiety. We have deep compassion and empathy for what you are experiencing!

Please review the program and training options on this page to find the peace and support you need.

To help in your healing, we offer a special 8-week Mom Power webinar series. We especially encourage and invite each of our new moms to go through a Mom Power Training course. Class is  set up online so you can take each lesson at your own pace. Included is live mini-lessons via webinar on Tuesdays at 9am MT.

Register to get started!

This class is FREE FOR ALL MOTHERS! (even if you don’t have a child in a Life Changing Services program). 

Mothers who are fighting the plague of pornography in their homes need the support of other mothers who truly know what they are going through. Mothers Who Know provides that group support. The Mothers Who Know team is here to support and lift all mothers – wherever you stand. Class is held Tuesday mornings at 10:30am MT or if you are not able to attend, recordings are available.

Text coaching is a supplemental service for young men who may benefit from a daily reminder of “Why they fight?” and a little extra help in conquering any unwanted behaviors. 

Text Coaching is designed to provide clients with multiple prompts daily, distributed via text messaging, to help participants maintain active mindfulness of their commitments to overcome negative habits and/or compulsive behaviors. These reminders, questions, and supportive messages are provided by a certified text coaching mentor who reports to a licensed clinician weekly.

2 elder missionaries in suits

The Sons of Mosiah program is a confidential email training and support group for missionaries who are currently serving in the mission field. Participants work with a daily journal system to develop skills to fight temptation and overcome unwanted behaviors. Participants strengthen one another through this weekly online email group. 

A certified and well-trained Mentor/Intern leads participants through email discussions to improve or increase their ability to fight mood battles, learn to understand the patterns in their brain to gain self-mastery and focus on their powerful connections to spiritual routines. 

Please call/email our office (877.437.6877 – if you would like more details or have a missionary who is in need of added support.  If you are ready to get started, please REGISTER HERE!

All parents are invited to schedule a complimentary 30-minute one-on-one visit with a member of our Parent Support Team. Our goal is to ensure you and your family are being served in the best way and we are here to answer any questions you may have. Life Changing Services is dedicated to helping families find hope in the storm by providing support and training for the whole family.

If you feel you need a little extra support or you have  questions you need answered regarding your loved one or any of our resources, please schedule a personal visit with a qualified member of our Parent Support Team.

One of the biggest struggles parents often have is how to best support their child. They want ideas of what helps and what doesn’t.

These are some ideas that came directly from either our clinicians/interns or from the Sons of Helaman young men themselves on what they all agree is beneficial and helpful verses what things can be detrimental.

Please read over some of their suggestions.

ManPower Calendar image

MANPWR Calendar

Click on the calendar image above for more information about a MANPWR calendar or to download another copy.

What are MANPWR goals? Maurice explains what they are and some possible examples.