Life Changing Services strives to keep the cost of services at the lowest possible rate for families and warriors. By joining a Sons of Helaman group, families can save almost half the cost of one-on-one therapy and often have better long-lasting results.

The young men create life-long bonds with the other warriors in their group as they work hard to support, help, uplift and strengthen each other in a self-mastery training setting with a licensed clinician, or a trained and certified intern or mentor.

With the inclusion of parent training and Personal Warrior Training, our warriors’ graduation rate is accelerated. No other recovery program compares in service and support to the whole family!

Sons of Helaman Investment

Young Men working in a therapist-led or facilitated group to overcome pornography issues and other related sexual self-mastery behaviors.
$ 75
/per week* + PWT cost**
  • Unlimited group sessions every week
  • Daily connection and accountability
  • Attend at no cost as a graduate (when you maintain General status)
  • Personal Warrior Trainer (PWT)**
  • MANPWR journal
  • "Like Dragons Did They Fight" hardcopy
  • Ongoing graduates support
  • Parent training & support
  • Mom Power training (for ALL moms) + Eternal Warriors 3.0 (available to all parents)

*One-time Orientation Session $150 – You and your parents (if under 18) meet in a 50-minute session with the clinician or intern who will lead your weekly SofH group. In-person or online via Zoom.

**Personal Warrior Training (PWT) $30/half hour session: In addition to the weekly group training meeting, you will be assigned a Personal Warrior Trainer (PWT) who will set up your online 30-min sessions with you for 1on1 training and support. 

PWT’s are trained mentors, many of which are graduates of Sons of Helaman. It is likely that your PWT will recommend meeting weekly until you reach 28 consecutive days of MANPWR in your journal system.

Each PWT session is billed at the time of service. You will be charged for no-shows. Please cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time. 

(PWT appointments are billed separately from weekly training meetings)

What Sons of Helaman graduates have said...

"I learned two things: this was hurting people I love, and what I am fighting for."
Sons of Helaman Graduate
"I experienced a training program instead of talk therapy program.

I experienced having my peers hold me accountable to my actions instead of my parents and/or therapist. (Therapist also did this).

I learned how to make the atonement personal to me. I gained a fighting mentality, to fight for the spirit, fight for my life and freedom. I learned satan’s role, as well as my own role, in my addiction. I learned how to discern good from evil. I learned how to seek, receive, and then follow personal revelation. I learned how to be a warrior of God."
Sons of Helaman Graduate
"Don’t fight alone. You need to find support from others that either have battled or are battling the same thing you are."
Sons of Helaman Graduate
I am grateful for the things my son has learned [through the Sons of Helaman program] and for the warrior he has become. It took about 18 months for my son to graduate. On Mother’s Day this year, he will have been clean for a full year. I can honestly say that even though this has been a most difficult challenge, I would do it all again to have the results that have come from it.

There is hope. There is recovery. There is relief from the pain.
Lisa, Mother of Warrior
"I learned how to act and apply the atonement, Satan’s role in addiction, accountability, peer support, the effect of brain chemistry, i.e. actual chemical addiction, and I was able to see examples of other young men on what it took to be successful."
Sons of Helaman Graduate
I used to be heavily addicted to pornography and masturbation and they dictated my drives and desires for years. When I attended my first Sons of Helaman meeting, my outlook on overcoming this addiction was changed forever.

This program will teach your son the true nature of his situation. We are at war. There really is an enemy who wants to destroy us and handicap our abilities before we can fully use them to build God’s kingdom and raise righteous families.

Today I still use every tool I learned in this program not only in remaining clean and worthy, but in how I plan and go about my daily life. I plan every day and invite the Holy Ghost to be with me always. Because of the principles taught in Sons of Helaman I know how to live my life on purpose and become the Man of Christ my Heavenly Father always intended me to be.
Sons of Helaman Graduate
As a Bishop, I have worked with several agencies and therapists, helping my youth overcome the addiction of pornography. By far, the Sons of Helaman program has been very successful in helping my youth fight this addiction. I would highly recommend this program to youth who are suffering to overcome their addiction. It has certainly proved life changing.
Bishop Stone
"I learned not to dwell on the fall, but to get up, and never give up."
Sons of Helaman Graduate
"I learned to do the little things everyday to make sure that I was secure. I also learned how to see, and anticipate attacks so I could do things beforehand to stop them."
Sons of Helaman Graduate
My struggle with pornography began when I was about 12 years old. It wasn’t until my high school years that it really took hold of me. I felt as though I could handle it by myself and that when I got older it would stop on its own. But each succeeding year in high school it got worse and worse.

I felt so alone and helpless. I needed help to overcome it completely. That is what led me to the Sons of Helaman program. It was there that I learned how to defend myself against Satan, and to really harness the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I view the program as a way to end this addiction which can only come through Jesus Christ. The biggest help for me was keeping hope that one day, if I didn’t give up, I would be free of this addiction. I am now 20 weeks clean and I am an ordinance worker in the Holy Temple of God. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. It does work. So long as you don’t give up, even in the darkest of nights, remember that in the morning the sun ALWAYS rises to reveal the beautiful morning. Through Jesus Christ I have been made clean. It works. Believe it.
Sons of Helaman Graduate