Helpful Articles for Parents and Young Men

sons of Helaman parent do's and don'ts suggestions, father talking to his son

Parent Do’s and Don’ts

Parent Do’s & Don’ts (The following are suggestions only. Most of these were created by the young men in the Sons of Helaman program.) Do: Involve both parents; mothers or fathers should not be alone in the support of their child. Find ways your child can work in exchange for…

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Bryton Peterson

“Today I am one of the coolest people I know”

Today I am one of the coolest people I know.  I’m an advanced martial artist, a skilled rock climber, a natural leader, and people and kids who meet me think I’m incredible almost immediately….A year ago, I felt like the ugliest scumbag to crawl the earth….

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Early Intervention

Self Mastery Scare in Your Home? Is there evidence of some unfortunate things invading your home and influencing your loved ones? If you found any evidence you may have cancer, you wouldn’t wait to see

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