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Early Intervention

Self Mastery Scare in Your Home?

Is there evidence of some unfortunate things invading your home and influencing your loved ones?

If you found any evidence you may have cancer, you wouldn’t wait to see if it gets worse before taking action.

If you find any evidence your loved one might be slipping toward a pornography addiction, you already know that it would be unwise to wait until it gets worse before taking action.  As with other internal issues like cancer, you know it is easier to treat the earlier you catch it. You would want to use a specialist to accurately diagnose whether or not there is a serious problem before it becomes a serious problem.

You don’t need to wait to see if it gets worse!

With this in mind, Life Changing Services, home of the premier self-mastery training systems, Sons of Helaman, Daughters of Light and Men of Moroni, now provides brief but thorough assessments for those who have a more preventative mindset.  

Please call 877-HERO-877 for more details on how these assessments work.

We all know there is an almost 100% chance our loved ones are going to be exposed to explicit material.  We all know that the enemy is not against attacking our youth at younger and younger ages. As an untrained parent or spouse, you have no idea how to discern the severity of what is going on.  This can be so scary. You don’t want to try to figure this out on your own.

If you have any concern…if you have any fear…please don’t wait to see if it gets worse!  

Either give us a call or start with this quick self-assessment to help see if your concerns are legitimate.  The assessment will help you decide whether or not you need to give us a call.


Please do not wait.  

When asked, “What is the most determining factor for length and cost of self-mastery training?” The answer is “Early Intervention”.  By this we mean – how early is the warrior trained on how to respond effectively to exposure and attacks.

There is no need to wait to see or wonder if it’s going to get worse.

Blocking exposure from outside influences (devices, screens, media, etc) can be helpful.  

Remember, home protection is good, but insufficient.  To win this war for a lifetime, we and our loved ones must gain high speed, accurate response skills from the inside.

Repeating descriptions of good moral values and behavior is not enough. Having high standards does not empower someone to live up to those standards. Adults and youth must be trained to discern subtle Satanic attacks and respond with speed, accuracy, strength and proper intensity.

As the Sons of Helaman in the Book of Mormon were trained to win their battles, our modern-day noble and great ones can be trained to win this modern day war.

We need not wait until it gets worse.

Like Dragons Did They Fight Book Cover

To gain a better understanding of these concepts, principles and methods, read, Like Dragons Did They Fight. I want you to have this training handbook for FREE. CLICK HERE to order the ebook version now.

Your Servant,

Maurice W. Harker, M.Ed

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