Sons of Helaman warriors, man with armor fighting with a sword

“The battle is not over, there is always hope…”

Dear Brother,

The battle is not over, there is always hope for those who seek.

This letter is written to those currently in the Sons of Helaman program and other young men that might join.

My name is Chris and I have struggled with pornography and masturbation for most of my teenage life. I have found ways to stop these destructive habits for time periods, but it has always found a new way back to ruin my life.

I was never happy with myself and felt depressed most of the time. The reason I continued to relapse and fail was because I didn’t know what, or who, I was fighting. The reality of it is, I am fighting Satan himself—that sniveling jerk of a being who thought he could control my life, but no longer.

The Sons of Helaman is a program that has helped me specifically define what Satan’s tactics are and how to beat them.

To graduate the program each Brother needs 12 consecutive weeks of success. I am on my tenth week and I cannot turn back now. This group-oriented program derives its success from the interdependence of each member. I can go into each session with specific questions on how to beat a certain tactic that Satan tries on me. I use the feedback from others who have had similar experiences, and it helps me win the fight. I contribute by giving all of my knowledge to others and it continues to build until we win together.

I thought that there was no hope for me to get my patriarchal blessing, go on a mission, or even get married. But now my hope has returned.

I know what I am fighting now and I will not give up. It is because of the never-ending mercy that Jesus Christ has on my behalf. He knows you personally and is willing to fight with you too. Who better to fight with?

First, you have to recognize that you have a problem. Then you must resolve to fight it at all costs (this is likely the most important step). Lastly, gather all you resources so that you can win.

I learned most of my tactics from the Sons of Helaman, but don’t stop there. Use your Bishop or other respected adult, your parents, scriptures, protective anger, a little bit of fear, and pray like mad!

You are entitled to divine intervention because Christ Himself said, “They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick.” (Mark 2:17)

Don’t convince yourself that you are not worthy of His help. Don’t get down on yourself, for it is Satan we are fighting. The Lord needs you to help yourself as well as others around you. He needs you in his kingdom and his hands are stretched out still.

I am humbled because of this experience. I have been to the gates of Hell, within the grasp of Satan and his minions, but I have returned stronger and with a greater resolve to control my future. The scars from this battle may never fully heal, but I’m not going to let Satan pull me down again for I am a Son of Helaman! I am a Son of God!

Fight the good fight Brother and never lose hope.

Yours on the battlefield,


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